About Sportscast Media

Iowa’s Undisputed Champion In High School Sports

Since 2011, we’ve been bringing live high school sports to listeners and schools for free. We’ve hired over 300 announcers, and 30 producers, who have helped us produce over 15,000 broadcasts that have been listened to by fans in over 30 countries.

How It All Began

As technology developed, it became more clear, that the days of trying to find out if the local radio station was covering the game was coming to an end. This provided us with an opportunity to work with schools, and businesses to help provide internet broadcasts, free of charge to fans.

Fans Responded
Broadcasts caught on so quickly, fans came to depend on our casts when they couldn’t be there. We began receiving emails from listeners who thanked us for bringing them the games when they couldn’t be there. Adam Drain was away from home and stationed in Afghanistan in the military when his brother was playing for a chance to go to State. He e-mailed our announcers during the game, thanking them for this free service. It was then that we knew our broadcasts were having an impact on people from all over the world.

Schools Reaching Out
Our services immediately caught on with fans who encouraged their school to contact us about joining our network. Eventually, Sportscast Media became a well-known and respected company and schools began partnering with us. As a result, we helped solve the age-old problem of being part of the game, even though you couldn’t be there.

Today, The Sportscast Media Network continues its dedication and service to communities, fans, and student-athletes, by their quality service, which is high-quality broadcasts that are family oriented, community involved, and fan focused.