Since 2011, we’ve been bringing live high school sports to listeners and schools for free.


We provide the equipment, design the website, hire and pay announcers; schedule, and oversee the production of each game so you don’t have to. Our audio broadcasts help promote the school and the booster club. We encourage booster club members to use our broadcasts to promote their fundraising events, and teachers to promote what great things are going on at the school. The best place to promote athletics and academics is during the game where you’ll have a captive audience who will hear it. After all, a good portion of our listeners are alumni who want to remain connected and involved.


Are you a business that would like your message heard by thousands of listeners during the games? Our streaming audio reports can show you how many people heard your message and from what communities they tuned in from. This is a great way to see where your advertising dollars are going. We’ll even provide your business with these reports upon request. Many of our games are made possible by hometown businesses. Since there is no charge to listen to our games, we have had listeners call up and want to make a contribution.