Why Hire Us?

Sportscast Media Network- More than Just Quality

Because we can provide your school with quality broadcasts that are community-minded and free of charge. Our broadcasts are fully produced by us and we oversee the scheduling and production of each game so you don’t have to. Since our beginning, we have hired over 300 announcers and 30 producers who have helped us produce more than 15,000 audio broadcasts of high school sports. The sound of our broadcasts are studio quality and are free of technical issues. We also offer your listeners a free technical support number to call should they have any trouble finding or hearing the game.

Easy Navigation

Our websites are user-friendly, which allows the listener to find the game without hassle. There’s no logging in, signing up, taking a survey, or paying. You simply click the Listen Live link on our page and the game begins.

Community Minded

We hire, train and pay, people of your community to help announce. Your fans will enjoy listening to people they know announce the games. Our announcers are familiar with the community, the students, and the sports tradition of your school. Many of our announcers are booster club members, doctors, dentists, former college players, farmers, salesmen, college students, teachers, and principals. We invest back into your community by only hiring people from your community to announce the games.

Successful Announcers

We’re proud that some of our past announcers have gone on to big things. We’ve had students just out of high school, or in college, who decided to further their degree in broadcasting because of their work experience with us. They’ve become announcers for Minor League Baseball, the Midwest Basketball League, Iowa Hawkeye Football; and have become sports tv anchors and newspaper sports editors. One of our producers was hired by ESPN to assist in the production of ESPN’s X Games.

What We Offer Compared to Competitors

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No Sign Ups or Logins

Studio Quality Sound

Simple and Easy Navigation

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